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Fate and destiny are found in a name.You will argue with me that not everyone lives up to the meaning of their name.I agree,it is because they are out of tune,key,time or are just lazy.A name given is a Christining and has the power to achieve what that name implies.There is the meaning of a name and then there is the implication behind a name,we will dwell more on the latter.The name George implies "knowing the how part of things."George Martin was known as the fifth Beatle.He was their music producer.The way George produced the song Eleanour Rigbey mixing the orchestra with pop music.No one but George Martin could do that.George Bush junior was not popular in the UK or with his fellow Americans.To those in the know he is the historic darling of American foreign policy.The way he won the war in Iraq.Bush represents the forests,far from home hence foreign policy.The way George Michael knew the how part of songwriting,music production,singing and music markets even at the age of 20 when the album by Wham Make It Big sold 10 million copies in less than nine months.Roger denotes,"the very best."Kenny Rogers had many Rogers in him,such a fine singer.Roger Federer the very best of tennis players.A name does carry a person's fate and destiny in it.Find out about your name or the name of something else here FIND OUT ABOUT YOUR NAME FATE

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