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A very revealing e-book about occultic or illuminati songs.These songs carry hidden messages and can fool people.Adele's song Hello talks about "the other side."The other side is the realm or region of the dead.In occult practices,spirits of dead people are raised for the purpose of gaining wealth,money,a name and so on.This is all magic or dark forces.Adele was calling on the dark world to hear her and the world enjoyed the process of a singer waking up the dead so as to make her song and music career a success.The song Billie Jean by Michael Jackson goes,"She says i'm the one gonna dance on the floor in the round."The round or circle is used in the occult for initiations.To dance inside the circle.Michael Jackson was fooling people and at the same time announcing his initiation into the occult.The songs Billie Jean and Beat It turned Michael Jackson into a global icon and superster.The power that was used was the occult,a practice which works hand in hand with the illuminati.The occult is a stronger arm of witchraft and movies and songs have been used to put a spell on people so that they can have a favourable response or a good attitude towards politics,a product,a person,a belief system or just to play around with people
The e-book ILUMINATI SONGS ARE WRITTEN IN THE LANGUAGE OF WITCHES also looks at songs by The Beatles,Prince,Cardi B,Rihanna,Bonnie M,The Eagles and so many more.
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