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There is a historical past when it comes to Africa.The land was exploited.Some people were used as slaves in Africa or outside Africa.Things have changed now.Most African people are in charge of their own countries and wealth resources.The African continent continues to be poor.Many African people are going to Europe to look for work.When they start working in Europe,some of the raw materials used overseas in factories where extracted from Africa.You mean to tell me that a few African governments and business people cannot put five hundred million dollars upwards on the ground to extract raw materials in Africa and build big factories in Africa? Something is wrong somewhere.Corruption at many levels makes this process difficult as money is diverted somewhere else before it is put to full use.The best place to build factories is where the raw materials can be found.Africa is a sure winner in this regard.Imagine traveling many,many miles to drink milk that can be found in your backyard.I used that example as an expression.The African people are not organised or do not get along.The Anglo Saxon nations, America,England,Canada,Australia and New Zealand get along just fine.They can sell to each other and together they can sell to any market place in the world.There are so many meetings in Africa right now,the most urgent meeting should be; extract your own raw materials on a large scale.build your factories on a large scale and find your own markets on a large scale.No one hates Africa.Keen sharks are just taking advantage of the loop holes that i have mentioned
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Article By Raymond Mafukidze
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