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  • THE MUSIC THERAPY CLINICDateMon Jun 22, 2020 9:24 am
    Topic by Mystery. Forum: MYSTERY GARDEN

    A baby responds to the sounds that is made by the mother without understanding what the mother is saying.Human beings respond to sounds which can be disturbing or sounds that can heal.Welcome to The Music Therapy Clinic.In this section our services are free of charge even though it would help us if you actually end up buying the songs that you feel are of help to you or make a donation towards them,Donate here
    1) I CAN (The positive mindset song that ends regression and inpires you to do something or great things with your life) Listen to the song here
    2) THE HEALING SOUND instrumental ( get the faith to have any pain in your body healed)
    3) NO ONE IS POOR (Change Your Mentality (The poverty alleviation song.Potentially,you are already rich)
    4) THE HEALING STREAM ( a song with a strong emphasis on divine healing)

    The Stress Relief And Depression Solution Instrumental song.This song is available on pay per view/listen
    Buy the listenership access here
    Founder:Raymond Mafukidze
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  • WHAT'S IN A NAME? FATE AND DESTINYDateSun Jun 14, 2020 4:06 pm
    Topic by Mystery. Forum: MYSTERY GARDEN

    Fate and destiny are found in a name.You will argue with me that not everyone lives up to the meaning of their name.I agree,it is because they are out of tune,key,time or are just lazy.A name given is a Christining and has the power to achieve what that name implies.There is the meaning of a name and then there is the implication behind a name,we will dwell more on the latter.The name George implies "knowing the how part of things."George Martin was known as the fifth Beatle.He was their music producer.The way George produced the song Eleanour Rigbey mixing the orchestra with pop music.No one but George Martin could do that.George Bush junior was not popular in the UK or with his fellow Americans.To those in the know he is the historic darling of American foreign policy.The way he won the war in Iraq.Bush represents the forests,far from home hence foreign policy.The way George Michael knew the how part of songwriting,music production,singing and music markets even at the age of 20 when the album by Wham Make It Big sold 10 million copies in less than nine months.Roger denotes,"the very best."Kenny Rogers had many Rogers in him,such a fine singer.Roger Federer the very best of tennis players.A name does carry a person's fate and destiny in it.Find out about your name or the name of something else here FIND OUT ABOUT YOUR NAME FATE

  • FIND OUT ABOUT YOUR NAME FATEDateSun Jun 14, 2020 4:00 pm
    Topic by Mystery. Forum: MYSTERY GARDEN

    My name is Raymond Mafukidze i'm an interpreter.To find out about the deeper meaning or fate behind your name or the name of a city,event etc,my service costs US$30.Pay through Western Union Money transfer.
    1.Name:Raymond Mfukidze
    5.Please send your first and last name through email plus the western union money transfer collection details.
    6.Within 12 to 24 hours an email will be sent to you with the details of your requested interpretation.

  • Topic by Mystery. Forum: MYSTERY GARDEN

    A very revealing e-book about occultic or illuminati songs.These songs carry hidden messages and can fool people.Adele's song Hello talks about "the other side."The other side is the realm or region of the dead.In occult practices,spirits of dead people are raised for the purpose of gaining wealth,money,a name and so on.This is all magic or dark forces.Adele was calling on the dark world to hear her and the world enjoyed the process of a singer waking up the dead so as to make her song and music career a success.The song Billie Jean by Michael Jackson goes,"She says i'm the one gonna dance on the floor in the round."The round or circle is used in the occult for initiations.To dance inside the circle.Michael Jackson was fooling people and at the same time announcing his initiation into the occult.The songs Billie Jean and Beat It turned Michael Jackson into a global icon and superster.The power that was used was the occult,a practice which works hand in hand with the illuminati.The occult is a stronger arm of witchraft and movies and songs have been used to put a spell on people so that they can have a favourable response or a good attitude towards politics,a product,a person,a belief system or just to play around with people
    The e-book ILUMINATI SONGS ARE WRITTEN IN THE LANGUAGE OF WITCHES also looks at songs by The Beatles,Prince,Cardi B,Rihanna,Bonnie M,The Eagles and so many more.
    Buy the e-book here
    BET ON SPORTS a real sports book

  • THEY KILL TO RULEDateSat May 02, 2020 11:02 am
    Topic by Mystery. Forum: MYSTERY GARDEN

    From the Cold War to the Chemical warfare.Some major powers would now kill to rule,hence the coming of covid 19.
    This e-book contains some information on the state of the world.THEY KILL TO RULE.
    There are more topics in the ebook.Buy the book here

  • THE BOOK OF RESULTSDateSat Apr 18, 2020 11:52 am
    Topic by Mystery. Forum: MYSTERY GARDEN

    We live in a world that demands results,simple results and complex results.
    2.TO GET RID OF THE RATS SIMPLY CLEAN THE HOUSE.Trying something over again has to bring results.
    Access more of these results oriented solutions in The Book of Results.Price:$10.Buy here

  • INNOCENT GUINEA PIGS OF THE RICHDateWed Apr 15, 2020 9:58 am
    Topic by Mystery. Forum: MYSTERY GARDEN

    Innocent Guinea Pigs Of The Rich is an e-book that exposes the motive behind the corona virus or other man made viruses.A few people know what is going on,what went wrong and what could have gone on.Ultimately the world has become a testing ground or a guinea pig for these and future viruses.The motive is money.
    Access the e-book through bitcoin or western union money transfer.
    1.Buy with bitcoin
    2.BUY through Western Union Money Transfer.Price:US$10
    Name:Raymond Mafukidze
    Please send your western union money transfer collection number to the given email address.Please mention the e-book INNOCENT GUINEA PIGS OF THE RICH in the email and a link to the e-book will be emailed to you within 12 to 24 hours.

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  • IDEAS AND SOLUTIONSDateTue Apr 14, 2020 12:55 pm
    Topic by Mystery. Forum: MYSTERY GARDEN

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  • Topic by Mystery. Forum: MYSTERY GARDEN

    America is influenced by the moon and is positioned where the moon is.Just look at the glory of America,like the moon.China is influenced by the sun and is positioned where the sun rises.This is now the time of the sun which is why China is shining forth everywhere.There is a fight for economic supremacy between America and China.The corona virus was brought forth through this fight.There is no need for details as this article is public.The fight has become bloody.The time of the moon will come again,the season for America and Rome.When will this be in time specifics? Find out from the e-book ASTROLOGICAL ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL PREDICTIONS here
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  • Topic by Mystery. Forum: MYSTERY GARDEN

    Buy this amazing e-book through Western Union Money Transfer.Price: US$10
    1.Name:Raymond Mafukidze
    2.City: Harare
    Please send Western Union collection details to the iven email address and specify book title ASTROLOGICAL ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL PREDICTIONS.The link to the book will then be emailed to you within 12 to 24 hours.

  • Topic by Mystery. Forum: MYSTERY GARDEN

    Lemons have the natural ability of washing the lungs clean and a few other parts of the body.The corona virus ultimately attacks and destroys the lungs that is why patients will need ventilation.All that is left is the packaging of a lemon formula into a safe clinical drug.The name lemon carriess the name god.Le or el means god.Lemons are already found in many pills or tablets.In the mean time here is how you can be helped depending on the strength of your fighting immune system.
    1.Get three big yellow lemons.
    2.Squeeze the jiuce into a cooking pot.
    3.In the same pot pout 2 and a half cups of cold water.
    4.Bring to a boil the mixture for ten minutes.
    5.Wait for mixture to be warm first and then drink one cup of mixture.
    6.Wait for six hours,warm up the mixture and drink the last cup.
    The vaccine will be something else but the cure will be found in lemons.
    This same mixture can also cure not so advanced heart and lung diseases.
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    Raymond Mafukidze

    Topic by Mystery. Forum: MYSTERY GARDEN

    Sample the song Black Dog White Dog by visiting this link
    Sample the romantic song BEAUTIFUL WORDS

    Prepaid virtual cards

  • A MESSAGE TO AFRICA WHY AFRICA IS POORDateFri Jan 17, 2020 2:41 pm
    Topic by Mystery. Forum: MYSTERY GARDEN

    There is a historical past when it comes to Africa.The land was exploited.Some people were used as slaves in Africa or outside Africa.Things have changed now.Most African people are in charge of their own countries and wealth resources.The African continent continues to be poor.Many African people are going to Europe to look for work.When they start working in Europe,some of the raw materials used overseas in factories where extracted from Africa.You mean to tell me that a few African governments and business people cannot put five hundred million dollars upwards on the ground to extract raw materials in Africa and build big factories in Africa? Something is wrong somewhere.Corruption at many levels makes this process difficult as money is diverted somewhere else before it is put to full use.The best place to build factories is where the raw materials can be found.Africa is a sure winner in this regard.Imagine traveling many,many miles to drink milk that can be found in your backyard.I used that example as an expression.The African people are not organised or do not get along.The Anglo Saxon nations, America,England,Canada,Australia and New Zealand get along just fine.They can sell to each other and together they can sell to any market place in the world.There are so many meetings in Africa right now,the most urgent meeting should be; extract your own raw materials on a large your factories on a large scale and find your own markets on a large scale.No one hates Africa.Keen sharks are just taking advantage of the loop holes that i have mentioned
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    Article By Raymond Mafukidze
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  • DONATEDateFri Jan 17, 2020 12:04 pm
    Topic by Mystery. Forum: MYSTERY GARDEN

    Donate to my work through Western Union Money Transfer.
    Name:Raymond Mafukidze
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  • THE WHITE MAN THE progressive god OF THE EARTHDateFri Jan 17, 2020 11:57 am
    Topic by Mystery. Forum: MYSTERY GARDEN

    I'm not at all racist and if anyone uses this article for racist means that would be very wrong.God is the God of the universe man is the god of the earth.Every man no matter what colour he is was made in the image of God.Every man fell from the presence of God.Apart from eternal life,perfect health and the mind of God,the white man has been the closest to a god who knows how to manage the earth.Go to Africa,go to India,go to the Red Indians,it always took the white man to identify raw material that could be packaged for the benefit of many nations.To this very day many African people are going to look for work in Europe only to use raw material that was extracted from their own continent in many cases at their work places in Europe.This is how i've concluded that as far as managing the earth and its resources,the white man is like a "god" of the earth.The days of blaming exploitation by one group of people are over.You now have many countries that are failing to extract their own raw materials and build a solid industrial base.India deserves some mention because they have built a strong health sector comprising hospitals and pharmacy products.Man was put on earth to have dominion and to manage the earth.Ouside of redemption,the white man seems to have a gift of manangement.What more of when he is fully redemeed.Redemption is for everyone black.white,yellow,Jew etc.Man is a direct offspring of God which makes him a god,a lesser god.A son of an elephant is an elephant,a son of a lion is a lion.The other races should also become progressive gods.Man is the god or the controller of the earth.
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